Set Yourself Up To Succeed

It’s liberating when you learn how to push yourself to try and it is empowering when start seeing the results.    

How would it feel if you could stop yourself from worrying and feeling anxious? What could you achieve?

There’s a really close connection between doubt, worry and anxiety.  Self-doubt triggers worry.  You feel insecure. You feel overwhelmed.  It’s these feelings that will hold you back. 

If you’re speaking to your younger self what you tell yourself?  Most people will say that they wish they could have stopped beating themselves up and stop worrying about things.

Worrying is just like self-doubt it’s a habit.  Anxiety is when your body’s state gets connected to what’s going on in your head.  If you don’t resolve this it will lead to panic attacks. 

Have you ever been in a situation when you have almost been in a car crash?   Your body rapidly responds, your heart races, you get sweaty arm pits, you get a huge cortisol rush.  These are the same physical symptoms as anxiety.

Let me repeat this hugely important point - anxiety has exactly the same symptoms as excitement.    Your body rapidly responds, your heart races, you get sweaty arm pits, you get a huge cortisol rush.

You can switch these feelings and anchor the nervous, so you don’t freak out!  All you need to do is reframe these feelings to send a signal to your brain that you are excited.  This will help you focus on what you need to do. 

This is really powerful stuff for sales, public speaking, presentations.  Tell your brain that you are excited.  Say it out loud… I’m so excited … I’m so excited.  You’re reframing.   Your brain with reposition these thoughts and feelings from anxiety to excitement, leaving you to focus on your performance.

You’ll miss out on so much if you let fear run your life, let’s break the habit of worry and self-doubt and focus on achieving more in your life.

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Much love


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