Lockdown changed it all ✨

If you’re feeling bogged down with Lockdown read this 💡

Is anyone else in Lockdown feeling overwhelmingly grateful?  Today (Sunday as I write this) I’ve look at my little tribe and I can’t help but breath it in.  Sometimes I can’t quite believe where we’ve got to. My gorgeous husband and I built two little people.  They’re a very good reason to take a day off, slow down and appreciate it all. 

Usually we would be racing around with a packed diary of stuff.  Lockdown changed it all.

I’m breathing in every second of being at home and carving out extra time to be still with my people …and not feeling guilty about it.  For me personally it’s an incredible place to be and today I am so grateful to have this time.

BUT after saying all that, I have to confess I’ve found Lockdown really quite challenging.  Can you relate? 

I’ve been working way too much, feeling a lot of pressure, empathetic to the anxiety of lots of people in my team and missing friends and family.  Lockdown has prompted lots of simultaneous changes both personally and professionally for us all.  It’s sometimes felt like a rollercoaster.

So this month we thought we are tackling it head on in The Enterprise Vault.  We want to help you unlock a skill set that will eliminate that feeling of being on a rollercoaster, support you to take consistent action, so you can focus on increasing your performance 📈.

We’re going to help you getting control of your feelings and not the other way around.  We’re focused on building a skill set to help you manage the guest list of emotions that dominate your thoughts and get you in the driving seat; you decide which thoughts to let in and which to discard.

We want to help you take some time out and take stock of it all.  Why?  Because it will be the most life transformational work that you will ever do.  Most of us don’t take the time out to focus on what’s really important to us.  We blindly boulder through life without really understanding what’s important to us and the principles we want to live by.

Switch-It-On is about getting down to a whole new level of performance.  IF you feel like you need to get under the hood, this is where you start.

Most people have a vision for where they want to go but they either lack the courage or do not have a map provides the route to success.  The result is a dream that doesn’t come to live.  Why?  Because you hit the rollercoaster of emotions, the self doubt and the fear that prevents you from taking action.  We created Switch-It-On to help you find your direction. 

We know that within you is a sparkly jewel that lights you up.  We’re going to help you find consistency and an ability to tap into the energy that will help you bring your aspirations to life.  Stop hoping and the longing. This is the magic that will transform your life. It’s literally gold dust.

The 3 golden questions you need to ask yourself:

1. What do I really want and what are my big outcomes I am working towards

2. What is my purpose?  Successful people are driven by purpose and clarity 

3. Do I have the road map to help me to my destination?


On Wednesday 18th November we are hosting a live Facebook session and we’ll help you unlock the vault and demystify some of the secrets of high performance.

We're more than a club, we're here to help you vault into the next level.  The Enterprise Vault, inspiring change in you.


All our love 💖

Team TEV


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