How Do You Create Real Confidence?


We often confuse confidence something you are simply born with.  And whilst there is proof that there is a link between your DNA and your confidence, that is not the whole picture.  Confidence is an acquired skill.   

And why do I think confidence is SO important? I think Katy Perry sums it up quite nicely;   with confidence you can pull off just about anything!

The good news is that you don’t need to have a degree from Oxford or Cambridge, and you don’t need a great degree of sophistication either to create real confidence.

What is confidence?

  • Confidence is assurance or complete and total persuasion.  A firm believe, trust, reliance; the belief in ones abilities.
  • Confidence is an inner conviction about the outcome of a given situation.  The inner conviction that you have the ability to deliver and perform a given situation.
  • Confidence is trust or faith in a person or thing.  When you have a trusting relationship, you have confidence in it.
  • Confidence is the settled peace of certainty in the soul.  Knowledge that you can achieve a goal.  The inner sense that all is right and well.
  • Confidence is fearless boldness; courage.  The quality that leads you to stand up under or endure adversity.  It causes you to undertake a difficult take with diligence.  You will never take a firm stance on anything without confidence.

So, why wouldn’t you want to build real confidence? 

Stay tuned for useful tips on how to build your confidence.  This such important stuff.  Confidence is the foundation to almost every skill in your armoury.  And most importantly confidence is the powerhouse that allows you to start taking real action. Confidence will set you apart from the crowd whilst driving you and your business to success.

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Love you all


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