10 Things I've Learnt This Year

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10 Things I've Learnt This Year

Success is not final, failure is not fatal, it is the courage to continue that counts



1. Intensive Change Illuminates Character

As the events of this year began to unfold, I remember speaking at an online University event and I reminded the students that change, whilst it can be challenging, is really good for us.  Winston Churchill said, “Success is not final, failure is not fatal, it is the courage to continue that counts… If you're going through hell, keep going.” Be ready for the challenge and be ready to push yourself out of your comfort zone.


This year has been a year of change, a tough year of pandemic, politics, quarantine from loved ones and fear.


How we handle change a challenge reveals who we really are. To all of you who stayed true to your character, optimistic through the dark times, disciplined when it was easy to hide and wait, loving to family who disagreed, enthusiastic about making this year a test of what you could achieve despite the difficulties, thank you. You showed us what's possible.


2. Family First

Most of us spend between 8-12+ hours in the office, and we have the tendency to treat our work relationships as they are the most important relationships.  


Like yours no doubt, our family life is action packed. Like you, we love our kids and our marriage provides the foundation for everything that we’ve built together. Your family is your legacy and not only investing in raising the next generation, you’re also raising your grandchildren.


3. Health Above All Else

It’s easy to understand why we leap to convenient food that fills us up quickly, but filling up on bad food can be detrimental to your health.   The best habit I’ve formed this year has been my Sunday night food prep so everything is quick and easy to grab at lunch time and I have 2-3 healthy meals prepared for us on those nights where I’ve needed to work late.  Improving your eating habits, improves your mental health, your agility and your strength. 


How did you do during the pandemic?  Did you use that extra time you’ve gained by not commuting to work out?  Did you invest in your health to position yourself stronger and healthier in a pandemic? Whatever your answer, don’t be too hard on yourself, but do make it a goal to build some good habits that make you stronger, because if you’re not living a healthy life you’re not living a vibrant life.   


4. “Everything is Figureoutable” Marie Forleo

Confidence is the belief that you can figure things out. Did you enter each day ready to figure things out, or did you tell yourself that you can't? Your answer to that single question probably set the reality and progress of your year.


If you really believe that you’re able to work everything out, what could you achieve? Who could you become?


5. Pivot

Don’t wait to make that investment you’ve been thinking about.  Whether it’s taking a course, taking the first step to building your business or writing that book that’s been written several times in your own mind!


Whilst everyone is drowning in pessimism this is when you can really make an impact.  This could be your opportunity don’t wait.


6. Friendships Really Matter

My friendships have REALLY MATTERED this year. If you’ve made friendships a priority through life (thank you Dale Carnegie), then this year will have been so much more enjoyable. Outside of the health of my family, the number one thing I'm thankful for this year is my friendships that kept me feeling like things would be okay. Love you guys.


7. Leaders Show Up

When things are tough that’s when your people need you the most.  Whether you are leading your family, a business community or a team, they need you. 


I’ve got a lot of great role models in my network who have really stepped up their visibility when the tough road began. I’ve learnt a lot from watching them and leading my organisation .  Remarkable people, the ones we remember rise, unite and serve when we most need them.


8. Deep and Lasting Fulfilment

It’s human nature to want to feel good about our contributions in the world.  We all want to be proud of ourselves because we’re being congruent with who we know we can be. This is when you experience transformation and extend the possibilities of your life. 


If you want to have deep, caring, rich relationships with other people. If you want to create things that amplifies and turns on your mind make a promise to yourself not to wait any longer.


If you don’t have a passion for what you are doing in life, it becomes work and it’s work it will always be a struggle. 


If you’re feel stuck, and waiting for someone or something to push you to the next thing you’re in for a long wait. It’s unlikely someone is going to come and rescue you and it’s highly unlikely you are going to win the lottery.


What makes us feel alive and full of authenticity is connection and caring, contribution, enrichment and expansion. This is when you will experience deep and lasting fulfilment.


9. Productivity Habits MATTER

Productivity matters because I know there’s a lot you want to achieve in life and every day you don’t is a day you stand still.


Make sure you’re setting a great example; be visible.  No only will your team and your family be connected and inspired by you, but a high level of accountability will also keep you on track.


Set yourself ambitious goals and regularly revisit them.  Goals that seem beyond your current ability makes you feel alive, gets you out of your comfort zone and will push your knowledge base.


Build habits that trigger you to constantly think about how you could be doing things better and question yourself.  This my friend is the foundation of a growth mindset. A growth mindset is the difference between average and progress.  Even small amounts of progress is meaningful. Success is not final, failure is not fatal, it is the courage to continue that counts…


10. Knowing Matters

Your power resides not just in receiving and perceiving the signals; real power is in knowing, listening to your own inner wisdom above all, and ensuring your tuned in to your hopes, dreams and the fire up your soul.


Tune in. Listen to the voice that guides you, that pushes you when the times are tough, and amplifies your magnitude. Tap into your wisdom, the fire in your belly, and the burning desire to create something magical in the world.


These things I learned and re-learned this year.  It has been an incredible year for me and one I am so grateful to have experienced. 


Over and out 2020.  Thank you for another incredible year. 


All our love 💖

Team TEV



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