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Who We Are 

At the Enterprise Vault we believe that if you focus on developing every bit of talent, every skill you have, you will start seeing how your choices can drive positive changes in the world.

The Enterprise Vault is an online membership club with the mission of providing outstanding development, training opportunities and connections to assist your personal growth and accelerate your performance. We're here to help you vault to the next level so you can inspire and empower other women around the world. 

We provide a practical tool kit for entrepreneurs and business leaders to build the kind of confidence that will make a huge impact and will help you turn your ideas into reality.  Because here’s the deal - what happens in our inner lives shape our outer realities. 

The tools you’ll acquire in The Enterprise Vault and the connections you’ll make will assist you in playing  a bigger role in the wonderful world of ours.   We're dedicated to helping you build your own toolkit so you feel empowered to become the person you aspire to be.

We’re here to help make it happen for you whatever that big dream is that you want to create.  We’re here to help you get out of the shadows, see the big vision, find your voice and take action to get you to the big goals you want to achieve in life.  And then importantly, we’ll support in performing consistently at the level you need to, to keep moving forwards to the next big thing …whatever that is.

Whether you’re a business leader or an entrepreneur, we know that sometimes the business world can be challenging.

Have you ever felt like... 

  • You’re looking to perform; I mean really perform, like you’ve never performed before, because right now …
  • You’re not performing consistently. On top of the world one day - confused and lacking direction the next
  • You’re motivation levels are not where they should be
  • You’re lacking direction and you are not making the impact you were expecting
  • You want to develop unshakable confidence, strength and courage but you’re not sure how
  • You’re not as decisive as you’d like to be, struggling to execute at speed you want to and implement change
  • You’ve got a tonne of great ideas but you’re struggling to get them off the ground
  • Maybe you’ve had a “plan B” for a long time, but you’ve always found an excuse not to really get stuck in
  • You want to make it happen but you’re not sure how to map it out and get it done!
  • You feel overwhelmed
  • You feel isolated

If so, know that you are not alone!  We all feel like this at some point or another.

Here’s the truth…

Whether you are in the corporate environment or an entrepreneur we all have times when we struggle to turn our ideas into a reality.  Sometimes the business world feels like a very difficult place to navigate and I know how exhausting these ups and downs can be, both mentally and physically.  

I’ve spent 16 years in corporate, I’ve done the side hustle and I’m an entrepreneur… so, I know your frustrations.  At the Enterprise Vault we know that you have the capabilities to build something bigger than you can imagine, you can navigate the stressful times and you can learn how to consistently perform at an elevated level in your life and business. 

It’s about tapping into your real potential and performing consistently.  Just by being here today you’ve taken the first step to boost your performance and your success, because you’re thinking about your personal growth and accelerating your achievements.  


In a nutshell here’s what we do…

The Enterprise Vault which is an exclusive online members club for visionary women.  We have a mission to provide outstanding development opportunities and connections to assist personal growth and accelerate performance. We want to inspire and empower women around the world. The cornerstone of our business is to empower women to achieve, inspire action and boost performance.

The monthly membership delivers a monthly training package, networking & opportunities to connection with other incredible influential ladies, interviews and inspiration.

We provide a practical tool kit for entrepreneurs and business leaders to build confidence and help women turn ideas into reality.  Because what happens in our inner lives shape our outer realities. 

We know that you’ve got a deep desire for success, and you’ve got what it takes …we’re here to help you accelerate your achievements.  When you join us in The Enterprise Vault you will access:

  • Videos to assist your success. Our videos cover a wide range of topics from how to shift your mind for success, developing high performance habits, negotiation, building confidence to resilience.
  • The exclusive online Members Clubs. This is your space where you can strike up incredible connections with other like-minded women.  Don’t underestimate the power of a strong network, this is a game changer!
  • We host live online monthly masterclasses. Join our mailing list to be notified of upcoming sessions.
  • Facebook page. We have a very active Facebook page where people share ideas, best practices, inspiration and contacts.
  • Interviews and inspiration. To receive our weekly newsletter and be notified of our upcoming masterclasses, sign up to our mailing list.

It takes a very driven person to recognise that they want growth and development, to be bold and committed to saying “I’m going to push myself”.  Join us at The Enterprise Vault and we will help you take your life to a whole new level.  When you take your life to a new level you get an unmistakable sense of excitement from feeling more, being more and believing in yourself.

It’s a smart move to be here. Now let’s do this!

About Sarah

Mine is an interesting story, because on paper I had everything that I’d ever wanted, I was truly fortunate.  I had an incredible husband, lovely friends and family, a great flat in London and a career to be very proud off.   I’ve worked for some of the world’s most prestigious Investment Banks in the world and travelled the globe as I climbed the ranks.

But behind the scenes I was deeply dissatisfied.  I was working long hours for a boss who was a highly considered member of the “club” whose values mostly contradicted mine and I was doing empty work.   Bullying was rife in the department.  It was wholly depressing, but people in the department (including myself) just seemed to accepted it.  For the record, this behaviour is wholly unacceptable!

It made me deeply unhappy, incredibly insecure and my confidence really suffered.

I started to reevaluate my priorities.  What did I want from my working life?  I knew I always wanted to create some real value in the world, and I don’t just mean helping the people in my corporate role, I did this all the time and it wasn’t enough.   I had to take control of the situation and stop being miserable. I love the quote from Brendon Burchard “You have a chance every morning to make that change and be the person you want to be”… I knew I couldn’t go on being this person who puts on their corporate mask everyday and soldiers on; so, I just decided to make some changes. I had to programme myself for success. So that’s exactly what I did.

Whilst I was on maternity leave I set up a successful coaching business; it was during this time that I realised, it wasn’t just women in corporate were deeply unhappy with their working life, feeling like they were lacking the support they needed to step-up performance levels and lacking confidence to execute… entrepreneurs were experiencing exactly the same problems.  Lacking confidence and direction, feeling unable to consistently perform and held back by their own “internal chatter” was something that seemed to unite us all. 

So many don’t get the support they need or deserve.  They certainly don’t get access to an incredible supportive community, and easily accessible development tools that focuses on boosting confidence and performance like we deliver at The Enterprise Vault.

I’d struggled to continue with all of my coaching clients when I went back to work as the time commitment is often (rightly so) demanded during the working week, which is not a great marriage with a full-time role.  I was yearning to continue building on my message - to empower women to perform at their highest levels of success.   And that’s when the idea of The Enterprise Vault was born.  I could offer powerful coaching tools online, open the doors to incredible people and an enviable community of extraordinary females, whilst continuing to work during the week. 

What I’ve learnt along the way is that success requires clarity, structure and planning, a solid foundation and the support of like-minded people.  What’s important to you?  How do you envisage your life in 1 year, 2 years, 5 years, 10 years?  And what do you need to get you there?  Could it be that with the right tools and techniques you too can take charge of your future? …hell yes!

Take charge of your future, come and join us over in The Enterprise Vault and get ready for your big leap. 


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