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Welcome to The Enterprise Vault

The community to supercharge your life.  Enjoy more vibrancy, boost your confidence and increase excellence.  We want you to feel empowered to achieve more.

TEV is a members’ club for visionary women.  We bring together business leaders and entrepreneurs for inspiration, collaboration, learning and development opportunities that reinforce your wild ambitions.

Our mission is to inspire and empower women to accomplish their goals, dreams and desires by unleveling their performance in business and life.

Inspiring change in you.  We're more than a club, we're here to help you vault into the next level.

Monthly Training Package

Become a member and you'll get access to the latest strategies so you can start building your success own tool kit. We want you to focus on developing every bit of talent and every skill you have because we know that the choices you make can drive positive changes in the world. Think different and be different.

Networking & Connections

This is your opportunity to connect with a community of incredible, influential ladies.

“A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.” 
― John Lennon

Interviews & Inspiration

Interviews with powerful visionaries to keep you inspired and motivated. We celebrate iconic figures in business, technology, entrepreneurs, celebrities and athletes – just a glimpse of some of the many incredible people we’ve met along the way who deserve attention. 

Mentoring Mentoring

Mentoring is a transformation experience; it's a powerful performance acceleration tool for both mentee and mentor.   Mentoring is proven to: strengthen organisational culture, build performance and is a highly effective tool to help build confidence.

Outstanding Community

In our club you will be connected to female founders and enterprising business leaders who can give you an insight as to what to expect, what obstacles and challenges are along the way and can help you connect with right people to move your performance up to the next level.

Excellence Through Partnership

Brokering successful partnerships is one of our key services. If you want to commercialise ideas, succeed in new markets and/or advance your career, we can introduce you to the right people to make it happen.

If you’re interested in becoming a TEV partner contact us directly for this opportunity.

Social Proof

"The Enterprise Vault Masterclass' are truly inspiring. Sarah is a fantastic course facilitator. I look forward to using the lessons learnt with The Enterprise Vault in all areas of my life. "

Nicky Moodie
Founder and M.D Violet & George - Transformation Masterclass

"Joining The Enterprise Vault Club has opened my eyes to many more perspectives. I’ve always had a positive mindset but to collaborate with TEV was an explosion of positivity helping you see possibilities everywhere, nothing is too impossible to be achieved."

Melissa Thelusmon
Translator and Business Coach

"Thank you so much for our amazing masterclass on creating a business plan. This session has given me good leverage to present our issues around communication, funding and the sustainability of the project. "

Charity Opolot
The Marylebone Project - Creating A Business Plan

"The Enterprise Vault’s content is great and there are so many inspirational women to support you. I knew that I needed some support and the membership club has really helped shape my projects and grow my business. "

Melissa Thelusmon
Translator and Business Coach

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